Lumpiness or Skin Damage Post Smartlipo Triplex / PAL?

I am 4 weeks post "high definition" smartlipo triplex combined with PAL. we did abdominal and flank/back definition. i had concerns from the beginning when my skin was bright red post-surgery. since then, i have lumpiness, hardness, rippling on the flank areas. also with what looks like skin pigmentation changes. the doctor says this is normal and is part of the healing process. he said if in a few weeks it isnt "progressing" he will offer REACTION treatments. this normal? im concerned.

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Pretty normal reaction after high definition liposuction.

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Pretty normal reaction after high definition liposuction.  I tell all my patients that they need to expect some fibrosis (hardening) of the tissue initially.  It is also not uncommon to have pigment changes to the skin (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).  You may need more time and massage to smooth out the lumpiness.

Congratulations on finding someone that can perform high definition liposuction!  I have also been trained in this procedure and am one of less than 100 people worldwide that have completed the VASER/SmartLipo high definition training.  This is a relatively new frontier in liposuction but will radically change the way people think about liposuction.

It is also not uncommon to have fluid accumulations (seromas) after this procedure that need to be drained.  If this hasn't happened yet, don't be surprised if your surgeon needs to drain them in the future.



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Pigmentation, hardness and redness is common after some liposuction

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the more aggressive the fat removal, the more common temporary changes can be after any liposuction.  Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, redness, hardness, tenderness can be seen.  Risks do exist with any liposuction, of irregularities in contour, depression, elevations, seromas, hematomas, nerve issues such as patchy numbness and focal increased sensitivity.  See your surgeon to review your findings and to get reassurance, as discussion of post operative findings via the internet are not ideal and I'm sure your surgeon wants to continue to manage your condition. If you seek another opinion, then it should be in person for an examination to occur.

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