Lump on Waist After Liposuction 1 Month?

I had lipo 1 month ago. About 2 weeks post I started feeling a small lump on my waist that is not going away. It's less visible and palpable right after I take off my compression girdle but then after a few minutes "comes out" and is quite visible, it's making the right side waist look straight, while i have my regular curved waist on the left. My PS said it might go away on it's own, but I don't think so. is this a lipoma, and can it be corrected ?

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Lipoma vs. swelling vs hematoma

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After liposuction I tell patients they will feel all sorts of weird things that go away over three months.  Do not be alarmed. regardless of what it is it will either go away on its own if it is a hematoma or swelling or it ccan be easily removed if by chance it is a lipoma.  Sometimes we as plastic surgeons think the area looks perfect but there may be a slight residual fat deposit remaining.  If that is still present it can be touched up under locakl anesthesia at 3 months. Good luck and enjoy your results, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

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