Lump Under Skin by Bellybutton?

I had prolipo w/ the sciton laser combined w/water lipo to my abdomen & flanks 6 days ago. 1 liter of fat was removed. I have very minimal swelling & bruising. However the moment i woke from surgery i noticed the lump you see below my belly button and it is still present today day 6. It is squishy but not watery semi firm and tender. I used an expert board certified liposuction dr who specializes in teaching sciton lipo as well. Is this lump something that will go away? Should i be concerned?

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Lump Under Skin by Belly Button after Liposuction

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The lump could represent fluid, which should be drained.  However, without an exam, this is very difficult to determine.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Lump Under Skin by Bellybutton

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Thank you for your question. I would bring it up during your follow up appointment with your doctor.  Your body is still in a healing process.  Make sure you wear your compression garment as directed. Everyone heals differently; 80% in 2-3 weeks, 10% super healers, 10% slow healers. Be certain to be under the supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in lipo for the best results and advice. I hope this helps.

Liposuction and lump

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Without an exam, it is difficult for me to comment about a lump after liposuction.  It is best to review this with your surgeon.

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