Bumps on nose after Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm 4.5 months post open-rhino to straighten deviated tip and added more definition, break nasal bones to narrow bridge and slightly lifted tip for straighter profile. After cast removed, tip appeared deviated to left side so my PS instructed to gently push it to the right in first 2 wks. Now I developed hard lumps on the left side of bridge while right side is smooth. Are these scar tissue?Shifted cartilage?Will they resolve? I had 2 kenalog 40 injections so far, should I get more? Thanks

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Bump After Rhinoplasty

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The bump is more evident in your lateral profile picture. If the bump is hard, it may be related to the nasal bone or cartilage. Were cartilage grafts used? Consult your surgeon who knows what was done and your anatomy.
Be patient.

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