Lump on side of my nose 2 days after rhinoplasty, is it just swelling?

Recently underwent closed rhino to remove lump on side of nose. Cartilage had curled up so Doc cut out the warped part. Looked good when bandages came off but 2 days later lump is just like before. Doctor telling me its swelling but I doubt it it looks EXACTLY like before. Why did this happen again so soon? What are odds it truly is swelling? This was a minimally invasive OP (1 incision/no bridge or tip work/zero facial swelling) so do I still need to wait a full year for another go at it?

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Lump on side of my nose 2 days after rhinoplasty, is it just swelling?

This is almost assuredly related to swelling which is completely normal this soon after surgery.  This is supported by the fact that it looked good when your dressing came off.  When the cast and tape are on, it compresses everything.  When the cast is removed, you will have some initial rebound swelling in the area where the majority of the work was done.  Not to worry.  Best of luck.

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Swelling after Rhinoplasty

It is completely normal to have significant swelling after a revisional procedure.  Often, it takes longer for the swellling to resolve than it did after the original procedure.  Additionally, you will likely have localized swelling in an area of cartilage excision.  It is important to be patient and personally communicate your concerns to your Plastic Surgeon.

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Lump on side of my nose 2 days after rhinoplasty?

After 2 days you will still be significantly swollen. In general, swelling can result in the following:

1) Asymmetry
2) Irregularities

 Photos, an exam, and more knowledge of the details of the surgery would be necessary to advise. I would not jump to any conclusions just yet, as it is very early in the healing period. It is difficult to talk about the odds that you are experiencing swelling without knowing more about the nature of the procedure. If a revision is necessary, it is best to wait one year. Swelling can interfere with the surgeons ability to perform his or her best work. I hope this information helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

2 days after a minor rhinoplasty

The swelling after a limited rhinoplasty at 2 days can certainly mimic a bump. You need to give it at least 3 weeks before you can make a judgement on swelling vs cartilage vs scar.
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Swelling after rhinoplasty revision

If it looked good when the tape came off, and now not as nicely, then it may be due to the swelling. Give it time to heal. Good luck.

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Lump on side of my nose 2 days after rhinoplasty, is it just swelling?

2 days is much, much too soon to be considering a revision.

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