Lump on Jawline After Smartlipo- What Is This?

I am 22 years old and I have had smartlipo done under my chin and my jawline. It has been a week and although the swelling has gone down considerably fast, I am still quite swollen. I have realised a sore, slightly numb lump under my skin on the right side of my jaw. I would like to know what this lump potentially is and if I should worry as it is only a week since the procedure. Please inform me if this could be scar tissue etc and let me kno if I can do something about it. thank you

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A lump after Smartlipo

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A lump on the jawline one week after smartlipo is often due to a small collection of blood or a hematoma. Wearing your compression dressing can help prevent and minimize the occurance of hematomas. Small fluid collections called seromas can also cause these lumps. In other areas of the body, lumps can be due to uneven removal of fat under the skin. Contact your surgeon and ask him or her for advice on how to resolve your lump. Often massage or ultrasound can be helpful as well.

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You will have to let this heal and it will likely go down.  Have it evaluated by your surgeon and they should be able to diagnose the problem.

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