Lump After Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants

I had saline breast implants about 9 months ago. On my left breast, there is a lump that feels like a water bubble. Is this normal? What could this be?

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Abnormality post breast augmentation

A lump could represent a shift of the implant and be completely harmless. It is always best to make an appointment with you surgeon if you have any post procedural concerns.

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Breast mass should always be investigated

I am so glad you asked this question, as it has vast implications for all women. A

breast mass should always be investigated regardless of the circumstances. More than likely, the “lump” that you have detected is related to the breast augmentation.

Please return to your treating plastic surgeon for a thorough evaluation, diagnostic tests, and imaging to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Best of luck! I hope this helps.

Stephen A. Goldstein, MD
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

Any breast mass should be checked out


Any new mass or lump in the breast should be checked out. There should not be any "water bubble" from your implants. Without seeing a picture, it is hard to give you specific advice. However, you may be feeling your implant protrude from under the muscle, but we would need more clinical information to know for sure. In any case, you should go back to your surgeon and have a thorough breast exam.

David Shafer, MD
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Lumps are not normal

You shouldn’t have any lumps on your breasts, regardless of whether you have saline or silicone breast implants . Please see your surgeon to have this checked out.

Ronald Levine, MD
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Breast lump after implants

Thank you for your question. At this point, you should be well healed from your breast surgery. I would recommend that any new breast lump be worked up with a physical exam and screening tests if indicated. I would return to your plastic surgeon as well as your primary physician

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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See your doctor about it

The lump is probably not related to your implants. Please see your doctor to have this checked out. 

All the best,
Dr. Gartner

Michael Constantin Gartner, DO
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You may be feeling your breast implant which may feel like a water balloon.  However, I would suggest seeing your plastic surgeon to make sure. Please do not ignore this lump.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Any breast lump should be seen by your doctor

Thank you for this important question. Any new lump or bump on your breast needs to be seen by your doctor. It could be related to your implants, but it is important that your doctor see you to rule out breast cancer. Make an appointment with your surgeon.

Grant Stevens, MD
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Breast lump

It is always important to have any breast lumps evaluated by both a plastic surgeon and a general surgeon. Definitely follow up asap. Best of luck.

Lump after augmentation

Thank you for your question.   I would begin by having your plastic surgeon perform an exam and perform an ultrasound or mammogram depending on your age and breast characteristics. 

If this is normal, it is possible that the bubble you are feeling is the port on your implant through which the saline was injected.

Please followup with your plastic surgeon to ensure all is well.

Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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