Lump and Pain 3 Months After Tummy Tuck

It has been three months since my tummy tuck and now I have a lump on the lower right side just above the incision. It's been two days since it has appeared and at first it felt like running after drinking a glass of water when in reality I had just stood up. Now, on the third day it feels like that all the time. I don't know if I should go to the doctor or if it will go away? What should I do?

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Lump after a tummy tuck

A lump that developed three months after a tummy tuck can be many different things from fat necrosis, seroma, hematoma, hrernia, abscess, etc to name a few.  In order to figure this out, you should get examined.

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Pain following abdominoplasty

This is unusual.  However, before undue anxiety, you should definitely return to your doctor.  This may represent one of several possibilities.  It may be a stitch abscess.  This occurs when a stitch inside the wound is affected by a low grade infection, or if it is causing inflammation.  Your body will wall it off and attempt to extrude it.  It may also represent fat necrosis.  This occurs when fat is devascularized following surgery.  It may then lead to a small region of firmness.  This may be calcified also, but it is rarely painful.  See your doctor.  This is not likely a major issue.

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Mass and pain in tummy 3 months after tummy tuck

This sounds highly unusual and may be indicative of a late hematoma or seroma or even possibly a hernia. In any event you should see a doctor.

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