Lump on Nose Tip

I have a lump on my left nostril (tip) after having it broken a few years back. The doctor fixed it but it's still there. Any idea what it is and what can I do to get rid of it?

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Lump on the Left Tip

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The cartilage on the left side of your tip is in a different position or has a different contour than the identical cartilage on the right side, whether this is do to the original trauma or the subsequent surgery. The left side of your nose is also depressed, which makes your "bump" appear even bigger. The most definitive and reliable method of treatment would be revision rhinoplasty.

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Is your left nasal sidewall collapsed?

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I will probably make you more confused.

Looking at your picture, I see something slightly different than Dr. Torkian.

The middle 1/3 of your nose seems deviated to the left of the picture (your right side).

This is commonly associated with a nasal fracture due to an inwardly displaced upper lateral cartilage on the side of the blow.

I believe this makes the lower lateral cartilage on the right (your left) seem more prominent.

In either case, it is difficult to diagnose, on-line, and it is in your best interest to seek a consultation with at least one board certified plastic surgeon to discuss findings and possible methods of correction

Looks like a bend in the cartilage.

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Hi Joanne,

The tip of your nose appears to have some asymmetry that may result from an asymmetry in the "domal" portions (part of the cartilage that shows a reflection at the tip) of your tip cartilages. The bridge also looks slightly curved, as is common with correction of a nasal fracture.

The lump you see on the side portion of the tip cartilage on the left side is very likely a bend in the cartilage, or possibly a collapse of that cartilage leaving the domal portion of the left carilage further to the side. This can be corrected with a revisional procedure. A graft of cartilage to flatten and strengthen the tip carilages may be necessary.

If this procedure is done, a lifting, or reduction of the hanging portion between the nostrils may also improve the overall appearance of the nose from the front.

Good luck.

Dr. T

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