Lump/indentation After Breast Implants

I have a lump just below the nipple. My implants are on top of the muscle. When I lay down you can see like an indention. Should I be concerned?

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Lump/indentation After Breast Implants

More often than not this is due to attachment of the scar to the muscle. This can be diagnosed by ocntracting your muscle and watching the dimple become worse.

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Indentation with implants

A lump or bump that you feel with subglandular implants can be alot of different things fromthe implants to a mass  or scar tissue. Have  a surgeon evaluate it.

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Abnormal contour after breast implants can be corrected.


It does not sound like what you are describing after breast augmentation is anything dangerous.  It is just a deformity.  Ignore it if it is minor.  If you find that you really dislike the look, I am sure it can be revised.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Post Breast Augmentation Deformities - Should You Worry


This is very difficult to determine with the information you provided in your question.  A photo would be very helpful to determine what the problem is, how long ago did you have your surgery and where was the incision to insert the implant?  

Any new breast mass should be evaluated by a trained professional and I would recommend contacting your surgeon to be evaluated in person.

Best of luck

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