Can a Lump Near my Liposuction Scar Under my Breast Be a Keloid?

I had liposuction almost 2 years ago and last night For the first time since surgery I felt a bean sized lump under my left breast. It happens to be very close to my incision scar (which is barely noticeable). The lump is very round and hurts when i touch it, some friends have mentioned it may be keloids but it has been soo long since my surgery that I don't think it is. Besides, all my incisions healed very fast and I've never keloid before. Please help, should I be concerned?

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Is my lump a keloid?

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Two years after liposuction, it is highly unlikely to be a keloid.  It could be a lipoma, or fatty tumor, or a cystic mass but you should be seen by a plastic surgeon for evaluation.  Also, without a photo, it is impossible to know from the narrative whether it is near or on part of the breast.  Pain in a breast mass requires urgent evaluation.

Lump 2 years after liposuction

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Thank you for your question about a lump near your liposuction of two years ago.

  • You are right. This is unlikely to be related to your liposuction. 
  • It is unlikely to be a keloid.
  • It may be a cyst but most important it needs to be biopsied.
  • See your regular doctor - you may need a referral to a surgeon or dermatologist.
  • Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Lump liposuction. Breast

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Does not sound like a keloid, but it is not impossible to see a keloid 2 years out. Any lump on the breast should be evaluated by a physician  

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