Lump on left side of chin seems to be growing 2 months post radiesse & juvederm. Should I be concerned?

I had juvederm & radiesse injected 2 months ago around around my marionette lines. At first it was going quite well and it almost felt like I could feel my skin getting tighter and the lines diminishing as time passed. But about a week ago I started getting a lump on the side of my chin which feels sort large not huge and I feel pressure too. It's not noticeable by eye unless you really look and I saw the doctor yesterday and he felt it and said "it's fine, it's collagen growing"..somehow I doubt that.

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Lump on Chin. Second Opinion.

Hi Wind. If the lump on the chin feels like a hard ball between the size of a bb and a marble then it might be something called a granuloma (more common with Radiesse than Juvederm). If this is the case, you should have it evaluated by someone else if you are concerned. In many cases, granulomas can be injected to dissolve them. Good luck.

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Bump after soft tissue augmentation

Volume loss is not perfectly symmetrical - some areas have more volume loss than others. Therefore, when the filler is injected (slowly, with great care) the filler will go to areas of least resistance filling up areas where the volume loss is greatest. Therefore, there may be a palpable difference in the amount of filler in each area, making it feel like a bump. Gently massaging the area in the beginning can help even it out. Collagen may be growing, or you may be having more volume loss around where the filler was placed.

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You need to be examined by your surgeon to get an accurate diagnosis, it is very difficult to make a proper diagnosis on the internet

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