Lump Left After Coolsculpting?

Its been 5 1/2 weeks since I had coolsculpting with small applicator done of my lower abdomen. I did not have any side effects at 1st, but at 4 weeks a golf ball size lump developed. I have not gained any weight. I am 5'6, 111 lbs. This lump is very noticeable. I visited the doctor who agreed it was there, that it was fat, and for me to wait it out- that she may repeat the procedure in 3 months. Is this something anyone has heard of that will go away on its own. Im very self conscious about it.

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It is possible for a lump to appear in the treatment area several weeks after your procedure.

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It is possible for a lump to appear in the treatment area several weeks after your procedure. It could be inflammation that will gradually dissipate or, as your doctor said, it could be fat. It is best to allow some time to determine whether the lump will resolve on its own. If it's still an issue after 4-6 months, your doctor should take a look at it again and see if there is a need for a repeat procedure. For now, I recommend monitoring the lump before having a second procedure.

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Lump Left After Coolsculpting?

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Thank you for your question. Depending on the applicator that is used and the size of the area, the surrounding skin can protrude if not applied correctly. I would recommend double stacking if the fat is in the same area, which means doing another Coolsculpting session the same day. I would recommend being treated under the supervision of a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for safest and best treatment options. I hope this helps.

Lump after Coolsculpting

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It is difficult to say with any certainty what the lump is without an exam, but it is not unusual for some patients to develop a lump in the treatment area as some of the fat cells die and are removed by the body.  Lumps such as these will resolve on their own in time and require no further treatment or attention.  Massaging the lump may speed the resolution but it is not necessary.  Continue to follow up with the office that treated you but know that the lump should resolve in time.  Good luck.

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Delayed lumps after CoolSculpting fat loss are often temporary

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It is not unusual to see localized swelling within fat tissue from the inflammatory process that involves the removal of the fat. This can occur weeks to even a couple of months after the procedure. It tends to go away with time, although external massage, lymphatic massage, and external ultrasound energy devices (the latter used often in post-surgical patients) can help reduce the lumpiness.

True cases of enlarging fat tissue are very rare, but have been reported and the cause of this paradoxical fat enlargement is unknown. 

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