Lump on Inner Corner Eyelid After Double Eyelid Surgery- Should I Worry?

I went to have double eyelid surgery done about 14days ago, straight after the procedure was done I had gone back to my hotel and realized that on my left inner corner eye (the skin area above the eye but below the crease) there was a lump of skin that was more swollen then the rest of my eye. My right eye however did not have this problem and is healing fine. Should I be concerned?

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Lump on Inner Corner Eyelid After Double Eyelid Surgery- Should I Worry?

At 2 weeks after eyelid surgery with fixation, swelling and lumps are not unusual.  Give yourself a couple of months to see the final results.  In the meantime, follow up with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your eyelid surgery.

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Two weeks, this type of lump often resolves with more time.

Yes of course, we are concerned about everything.  However, it is not unusual that the skin at the edge of the eyelid incision can swell.  It might look unsightly.  Surprisingly, with time many of these types of issues resolve with no treatment.  It can take several weeks.  If it is getting worse rather than better, contact your surgeon immediately.

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