Little lump in the top corner of my left nostril? (photO)

I had a rhino/septoplasty done 7 days ago and today they took my stitches out. I woke up in the morning with a little lump in the corner of my nostril, its not exactly sore but it does look a bit sore, i am a bit worried what it could be. My doctor just took photo of it but didn't say anything else, so i am really wondering now what it could be. Is that normal to get lump like this soon after rhinoplasty?

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Lump in the nostril

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This is not really a lump but a portion of skin that has bunched up in the left side of your columella (the part between the two nostrils) due to inattention to closure of the external incision carefully or possibly a suture had come off superior to this lump. Rarely these may go away however not likely . Ask your Dr. to revise that part of the closure which is simple and the sooner it's done the less your (and later on his) anxiety.

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