Lump Developed After Sculptra Injected and Puffy Face Still After Almost 2 Weeks. Normal?

I lately found I have one coin-sized lump has developed somewhere underneath the tear trough area, while I am still in a puffy left face leaving unbalanced appearance. The lump is a bit of pain when I pressed on BUT it has shrink a bit after days of hard pressing. However the swell is still completely there. When will the swell & lump be gone after almost 2 weeks of recovery? I am very worried of the unbalanced face now.

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Lumps from Sculptra

A significant reduction of the frequency of nodules after Sculptra injections has been achieved with higher reconstitution volumes, a longer time between reconstitution and injection (36-48 hours rather than 2-12 hours), injections into the deeper tissue, and post injection massage. In a recent study, 8.5% of patients injected with Sculptra experienced formation of nodules. All nodules could be felt but were not visible. The onset of nodule formation from the time of injection can vary. Early nodules appear one to three months after treatment and most spontaneously disappear.


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Lump after Sculptra Injection

Lumps can develop after Sculptra injections and are caused  by uneven flow of the material out of the needle.

It can happen even during very careful injecting.

As Dr Mayl has pointed out, we all recommend massaging 5 minutes. 5 times a day for 5 days.

In resistant cases, I have found that vibrating the lump helps it diffuse better and faster.

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As long as it is under the tear trough, it will smooth out.


Swelling at two weeks is not unusual and is best managed by massage.

Gently massage the area downward from the orbital rim. (use a light face cream to lubricate the area.)

We recommend: 5x5x5 which means five times daily for five minutes for at least five days starting on the day of the injection.  Patients who have any irregularities continue until the area is smooth.

Dr. Mayl

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