Should I Be Worried with Neck Lipo Lump?

I had my neck Liposuction exactly one month today. I still see a fat pokcet underneath my chin and a few little bumps here and there. Should I be worried? I saw my doctor today but all he did was press up on the bump and said it all looked good. I don't know if he meant that the stage that I'm in looked good, but I'm really hoping it gets a lot better.

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Neck Lipo lump may get better

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This area will likely get better over the next few months. Often, pressure and massage will help it resolve faster.

If it is still present in some months, your doctor will likely do a touch up liposuction.

Small touch ups may be able to be done under local anesthesia in a minor procedure room and you could drive home.

Call you doctors office and see if massage and frim pressure are OK to speed up the dissolving of this lump. Hopefully, you will not need a touch-up lipo and it will all go away

Problems with facial plastic surgery

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One of the problems with facial surgery (including the neck) is that post operative swelling always goes to the lowest point, just like water. In facelifts and neck liposuction, the most dependent area will have more fluid.

Depending on the quality of skin you have, support for this area using a velcro strap may be an important part of your postoperative dressing. This allows the area to be compressed and minimizes stretching.

However, one month is still early and tissue contraction is still occurring. You may want to ask your surgeon about lymphatic massage in the area and a support strap.

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
Oak Brook Plastic Surgeon

You should not have lumps after neck liposuction.

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Lymphatic drainage massage can help.  You will see the final result in about 3 months. Later, you can consider a revision.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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