Lump over Belly Button Post-Tummy Tuck w/ Hernia Repair

Hi, I am three weeks out from a tummy tuck with muscle repair and hernia repair. I know that I am still swollen, but I am alarmed by the protrusion above my belly button. My plastic surgeon and general surgeon are confident that it's not a hernia. The plastic surgeon also tried to drain the area, but got barely anything out. Has anyone seen someone look like this post tummy tuck? I love my results, but can not help but focus on this lump on a flat tummy. Thank you!

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Lump over abdomen after tummy tuck and hernia repair

Hang in there. We have all seen this.  It is very early in your healing, so give it some time.  Massage may help.  This can be some early swelling or even fibrosis or inflammation around sutures placed deeper inside.  As improbable as this seems, it can resolve with time.  I know, I know, it is hard to swallow this, but we have seen this happen also.  Be patient and stick with your surgeons.

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Swelling after a tummy tuck can take several months to resolve

It's tough to tell, but that lump could be several things, including swelling, a seroma, or stitches or mesh from your hernia repair. It sounds like your surgeons are on top of it. Give it more time and follow their instructions. This will most likely resolve. And even if it doesn't it should be something very easy to revise and fix in the future.

Mark Broudo, MD
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Mass after tummy tuck

There are many possiblilities for the mass which include blood, fluid, fat, redundant skin or even an abscess. As you are being watched by two surgeons, I would continue to monitor the area. It is quite possible that it may resolve.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Bump post Abdominoplasty

I guess the 64.000 question is what is it.It could be a fluid collection or hematoma that hasn't resolved or it could be a small recurrence of the hernia.I would try heat and massage to see if it will go down over time.If not maybe your plastic surgeon could explore it under local.

Robert Brueck, MD
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