Lump Above Belly Button After Tummy Tuck - No Lipo or No Muscle Repair

I had a tummy tuck 18wks ago, no muscle repair doc said I didn't need it- about 1wk after I noticed a hard lump above my belly button, thought it was swelling & didn't think anything of it at my 1 month appt my doc said the same thing & not to worry about it - it would go away in a few weeks. At my 4mnth appt he said it is just the muscle & there is nothing he can do & i should just do sit ups, is that correct? how can i get rid of it? my belly looks abnormal the rest flat except for the lump.

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Hard Lump above Belly Button in a "Muscle Repair Free" "Tummy Tuck"

Obviously, having a persistent hard lump above the belly button is not a "normal" feature of our congenital or acquired anatomy. For starters, I am curious why you required a Tummy Tuck but did not require a muscle repair. The vast majority of women who benefit from a Tummy Tuck have stretched out and loose skin and muscles. That being the case, I am ASSUMING your surgeon performed a MINI Tummy tuck (shorter scar, undermining below ot to the belly button which in uncommon cases is done with either permanent release (and "floating" of the belly button inferiorly). If the surgeon did NOTgo above the belly button, you may either have a small area of fat necrosis or a hernia. I would get a second opinion.

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Lump above umbilicus following tummy tuck with no muscle repair

Pictures, would be useful, to aid in a diagnosis. The physical examinaton is also important. The lump could be a diastasis recti or a resorbing hematoma or seroma.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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