A Lump Appeared After Lifestyle Lift What is the Cause of This Lump?

an MRI revealed an object in my cheek is causing a lump which appeared after my lifestyle lift so what is this object from my lifestyle lift and can it be removed ?

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Lump After Lifestyle Lift?

What exactly is the cause?  Difficult to say without an examination and seeing the MRI. I would recommend seeing a local Facial Plastic and reconstructive Surgeon in your area. The cause of the lump may be inflammatory (related to the surgery) or may be related to another structure in your facial anatomy.

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Complications after 'lifestyle lift'

You should definitely seek consultation with a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon.  There are many possible causes but your MRI and physical exam must be considered carefully before moving forward.




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A Lump Appeared After Lifestyle Lift What is the Cause of This Lump?

Make appointment with a boarded Plastic surgeon in your area. Bring the MRI with you. Yes, it can be removed. 

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Lump in cheek after Lifestyle lift

I would need to see the mri to evaluate your course of therapy. Whatever it is, scar, suture, fat ,or foreign body it can be taken care of

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
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