Lumixyl or Meladerm Prior to Fraxel Restore?

My dermatologist uses Hydroquinone for skin bleaching. I however get irritation when using Hydroquinone. My pigmentation appeared darker after using it (I did use sun screen). I want to use Lumixyl prior to my Fraxel Restore treatment on 21 July. How long before my treatment should I start using Lumixyl and how long after my laser treatment should I start using Lumixyl again? Can Lumixyl have an adverse reaction and trigger pigmentation after my Fraxel ? I am Fitzpatrick skin type 3. Caucasian

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Elure or Lumixyl can be used as lightening creams before Fraxel laser

There are different preparations of hydroquinone and some have had corticosteroid mixed in both to reduce inflammation from irritation and to decrease pigmentation by its own effect. Both Lumixyl and Elure are non hydroquinone chemicals. They can be used instead or in addition to hydroquinone prior to laser resurfacing to minimize the chance of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone may be more effective but if your skin doesn't tolerate it then it shouldn't be used so that you avoid pigmenting for this reason. Sunscreen is important and your doctor who does the Fraxel laser should tell you what sunscreen to use and when to start.

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Bleaching the skin prior to Fraxel laser

Lumixyl is a peptide based system for bleaching the skin. I am unfamiliar with its efficacy, as compared to hydroquinone, a longer established bleaching agent. You may consult your dermatologist to see if she/he is willing to add a mild cortisone cream to the hydroquinone preparation to minimize irritation from it. Ultimately, your doctor is making a wise decision to bleach your skin prior to Fraxel laser treatment. This way she may use higher energy levels that will give you superior results, while avoiding the risk of hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) after the laser treatment.

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