Lumineers or Traditional Veneers for Lengthening Teeth and Adding a 'Gull-wing' Effect?

I have very short, small teeth and would like to make them longer and more prominent, ideally with a gull-wing effect. Is this possible with Lumineers or are traditional veneers my best bet?

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Lumineers vs. Traditional Veneers for Adding Length

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Lumineers can be done to add length to teeth but there are several other issues to consider.  Are the teeth positioned such that the added material will not make them look bulky?  Are they of a color that an ultrathin material can create the final color you would desire?  Are your teeth short because of extensive wear and can your teeth be lengthened with a thin material without it breaking.  Will your bite allow lengthening and will you need a nightguard after?

The company promoting lumineers makes it sound like dentists who prepare teeth are doing harm, are too agressive, etc.  The truth is most good cosmetic dentists would do every case without preparing teeth if it was posssible to get a great result.  In most cases there are reasons to do conservative preparation on some or all of the teeth to achieve the best cosmetic result and longevity.  See someone with experience with both to give you the best treatment options. 

Lumineers vs. regular veneers

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Avoid Lumineers. They make the teeth bulky, can't mask out dark teeth, trap food, stain in between the teeth, inflame the gums, break and are weak. Do Empress regular veneers.

Mitchell A. Josephs, DDS
Palm Beach Dentist

Lengthening teeth can be difficult

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In order to add size to teeth there needs to be room.  For example if there are spaces between the teeth (room) the the teeth can be made wider to close the spaces.  In order to lengthen teeth, there must be "space" in the bite to allow this to happen.  If the "space" doesn't exist, it must be created.  This may be possible with Lumineers, but when making major changes to the size and shape of the teeth I feel that prepping the teeth is probably required to gain maximum control of the final product and that traditional veneers would be my choice. 

Understand that Lumineers are marketed as no prep or minimal prep veneers, but they are still veneers.  In the right hands this could probably be done with Lumineers.  However, based on my experience and based on what I have seen, other traditional veneer systems can give the lab more control over the final esthetics and allow them to create exceptionally beautiful smiles. 

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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Which is preferred? lumineers VS traditional veneers

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I don't like Lumineers in general for my patients, because there are probably only 2-3% of all patients who walk in to my office can be candidates, and even then I dislike the appearance of the. The company has not massive amount of advertizing when in fact a great cosmetic lab using Empress, or Emax veneers get much better esthetic result .Lumineers can cause gum inflammation by creating a ledge for bacteria to trap . Lumineers hardly ever block out the color of the tooth underneath well enough.

As far as short teeth, unless you increase the lengh of  " ALL" of  the teeth in upper arch , your veneers no matter what kind will brake and pop off. you cann ot expect the fron teeth to be increased in size, and not the back ones. 

There are many photos of such cases done in my website. Please review to completely understand the risks involved if you do not do so.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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