Can Lumineers Be Used if the Patient Has an Old Bond on One or Two Teeth?

Can Lumineers Be Used if the Patient Has  an Old Bond on One or Two Teeth?

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Can Lumineers Be Placed Over Old Bonding

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Yes you can but I would not recommend it.  The best bond is to tooth structure for your new veneer, not to old bonding.  Plus you are adding more bulk which could lessen the cosmetic result and color matching may be more difficult as the bonding may show through the lumineer differently than adjacent teeth.

Lumineers over bonded teeth

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It is usually preferred to remove any existing bondings from teeth prior to placing Lumineers, however not all bondings need to be removed for Lumineers.  Factors that affect this decision are age, size, color, and location of the bonding.  A dentist experienced in cosmetic dentistry should be able to help make that determination.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

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