Staining on Lumineers?

I have been using Crest Pro-Health mouthwash for a month. I have noticed bad brown stains on my teeth. Yesterday, I had Lumineers placed on top of my stained teeth, not realizing that Crest Pro-health was causing this problem.

I have also used this mouthwash, today, the day after getting my Lumineers. Is it going to stain the Lumineers? I will not use this mouth wash any longer. Since I have gotten Lumineers placed on top of the brown teeth instead of getting the stains removed first, will my real teeth become damaged underneath. What do you suggest I do?

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Crest pro health staining Lumineers

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I haven't seen it happen clinically (yet) but I would assume that Crest Pro Health will stain your Lumineers the same way it stained your teeth. I have seen Crest Pro Health cause severe staining on natural tooth structure (enamel) in a few of my patients which was cause enough for them to stop using it. I expect that if it will stain enamel, it will stain any dental restoration, including Lumineers. Again, I have no proof nor scientific data regarding this, I'm just extrapolating from what I've seen happen with natural teeth.

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Lumineers are likely protecting the teeth underneath

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Since bleaching products cannot penetrate Lumineers and lighten the teeth underneath, it is likely that the same goes with mouthwash.

Your teeth are likely fine, but will need to be monitored at each dental visit.

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