How Often Would Lumineers Be Recommended over braces for Tooth Gap and a Slight Overbite?

Does a slight overbite always need correcting wit braces? What long-term problems might one have if it is not corrected?

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Does a slight overbite require correction?

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As I often say "no one has ever died of: crooked teeth, overbite, crossbite, etc...take your pick!  The decision to treat is based on many things including how much the problem bothers the patient, how much it is to fix, how long it will take, what potential adverse dental effects might be expected if it is not fixed.

I spend a long time going over all of the pros and cons of treatment with my patients...your doctor should do the same for you to help you decide

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Are Lumineers recommended to fix a slilght gap and an overbite?

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Short answer: great fix for a slight gap. Will not fix and overbite.

Long answer: If you slight gap is slight sometimes one retainer can be used to fix it and would be much cheaper than Lumineers and less possible headaches of chipping and breaking. Personally, I would absolutely consider Lumineers is I felt my front teeth were not the ideal shape and size. Mine are and I am complimented all the time on them. From and pure confidence stand point I think it is the number one factor that impacts your willingness to share your smile.

As far as the overbite, Lumineers will not address this at all. An overbite is primarily cased by the misalignment of the top and bottom jaws, so it is usually necessary to move the teeth in relationship to the jaw position or move the jaws.

That said if your overbite doesn't bother you, you have no dental negative occurring because of it there is no true need to fix it. The best treatment for you is the one that addresses your needed and wants, keeps your pocket book in mind you life style and you understand an possible future issues that MAY occur if your bite isn't perfect. There are lots of people walking around out there with imperfect bites that never have any problems. There are also folks out there who have almost perfect bites that have major problems. Teeth and bite tend to be only one factor in most cases.

A fun factoid, yes someone studied this, on average our teeth touch only 17 minutes of the entire day.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

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