How Are Lumineers a Minimally Invasive Option to Other Veneers?

Do lumineers retain more of the tooth structure and take less time to apply (or remove) than other cosmetic options for improving a smile? 

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Prepless veneers have limited application.

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Lumineers or prep less veneers have limited application because very few individuals have the right size and shape tooth to keep the veneer from looking bulky or "chicklette like".  The Lumineer porcelain is a poor quality porcelain and should be avoided at all cost. Do traditional feldspathic porcelain made by a talented ceramist and you will be thrilled.

Lumineers are minimally invasive

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When Prepless Veneers are placed (Lumineers are one brand) in its purest form, the teeth are not reduced at all. For traditonal veneers .3 to .8 mm of tooth structure is removed to make space for the porcelain. Traditional Veneers are used for very crowded situations, dark teeth, and teeth with larger restorations.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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