Can Lumineers Be Customized?

If you have Lumineers put on and they are too thick, can they be shaved down?

I have seen Lumineers that are thick when applied, can the dentist customize them after they are on? Can they be filed down thinner?

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Lumineers almost always appear too thick

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Lumineers have been marketed as a way for the unskilled dentist to offer a simple cosmetic solution, which has really helped increase business for the skilled cosmetic dentist to fix the problems created. Without reduction of tooth structure, porcelain is added to the teeth, creating a bulky result. If they are shaved down after placement, the surface texture and glossy finish are removed, resulting in smooth marble-like finishes.

Good porcelain veneer work requires skill and planning, so that when the veneers are placed, they are simply placed and polished, as all the fine tuning was worked out previously.

Sorry, but Lumineers can't be customized

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Once placed, the Lumineers can not be modified for thickness. I am not a big fan of Lumineers and I have done a couple of thousand porcelain veneers. The result tends to be bulky and the I personally don't like the appearance of the porcelain they use. I find other porcelains to be much prettier.

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