Lumineers Cost Per Tooth

I'm considering getting Lumineers, but just on one or two teeth. What do they cost per tooth usually?

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Cost for lumineers

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$900 to $1400. You better make damn sure you are a candidte for them. Most patients are not!!!!!!!!!!

Palm Beach Dentist

Cost per Lumineer

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Lumineers cost between $1000 -1600 per tooth. They are very case specific meaning they don't work in many cases so it's extremely critical that your doctor explains all the pros and cons of your situation and your options. Traditional veneers cost similarly but are more flexible in what they can achieve. I'ts rare to only do one veneer, whether lumineer or traditional so make sure you understand what the final result will look like prior to starting treatment.

Gary Michaelson, DDS
Orlando Dentist

Lumineers cost

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They are nearly £600/tooth. You might need to discuss your smile in detail to decide how many you need and whether lumineers are the right option or not.

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