Are Lumineers the Best Dental Veneers?

I researching for veneers that improve my smile (chip teeth, gaps, yellowing, the works!). i read that many dentist offer a veneer called Lumnieers. On the lumnieer website it talks about how it's better becs its reversible and less pain since you dont get teeth shaved down. Can someone tell me if lumnieers are the best porcelain veneer?

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Are Lumineers the Best Dental Veneers?

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There are MANY different types of porcelain veneers.

Lumineers are one brand name. They are a type of veneer that's promoted for a no-preparation of the teeth technique. I really feel that's it's more of an advertising concept to say they are "reversible". One advantage is that they don't need to have any or much trimming of the teeth, so they could be less sensitive. Some other veneers need more preparation of the teeth and for some patients that can produce some cold sensitivity.

The answer to what's the BEST type of veneer is really a different question...what's the best porcelain veneer for YOU. For some patients Lumineers can work and work well, but there are a lot of limitations so they really don't work well for everyone. If you are wanting to improve your chips, your gaps between your teeth and to get a whiter smile, then first find a cosmetic dentist that you really connect with. Explain what type of results you are hoping for. Then the cosmetic dentist can help determine the best porcelain veneers for you.

Choosing the best veneer

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In some situations, Lumineers may be the best choice. They are not some magical new and improved miracle material, but simply a registered trademarked thin porcelain shell.

What needs to be considered is the current situation and the goal. If the teeth are currently crooked and very dark in color, then probably not. But if your teeth are nice and straight and close to the shade of white that you desire, then they can be a nice choice.

There are many alternatives when choosing porcelain veneers. The greatest resource is an experienced clinician that can help you decide what is best for you.

Only when used in the proper situation

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Lumineers are thin ceramic shells that are placed over teeth that have not been prepared to receive them. It is a conservative procedure in theory, however in most cases the teeth appear bulky and are what is referred to as “over-contoured.”

The ramifications of over-contoured teeth, aside from them being unaesthetic, are the fact that it is unhealthy for the gum tissues that support the teeth. I often see irritated or inflamed gum tissue around teeth that are bulky or over-contoured. This may result in gum disease which can lead to periodontal disease (destruction of the structures that support the teeth).

The good news is that if diagnosed properly and only used in the proper situation, Lumineers are a conservative approach to whitening, straightening, or simply enhancing the aesthetics of teeth.

The reality is that only a very small percentage of patients would be well served with this procedure due to its tendency to leave the teeth over contoured, bulky and quite unaesthetic.

More good news is that traditional veneers when done properly are a beautiful conservative and health way to enhance the smile.

So, no excuses to not smile, smile, smile!

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
Manhattan Dentist

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Lumineers the best?

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Lumineers is a good marketing campaign.  A ceramic company markets their porcelain direct to the public and then charges dentists to be in the program to get referrals from their advertising campain.  There are scores if not hundreds of different brands of porcelain out on the market.  THe truth is in some cases (most) it is impossible to get a good esthetic result without some tooth reduction.  Look very closely at the before and after photos of any dentist you are considering using.  Do the teeth look "real" or like chicklets.  Prepless veneers or porrly done veneers as well can often look very opaque and are known in the business as chicklets.  The best porcelain on the market right now I believe ie eMAX made by ivoclar.  It is 4 times stronger than the othe porcelains.  I have put in hundreds and not one has broken yet.  The future of the industry is in eMAX according to many of the technicians I have spoken with.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Short answer is NO

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As with everything in life, there is always two sides to each story.  With regard to Lumineers yes it's true that they are "reversible" (although not easy to remove) and that it is less trauma to teeth if you don't have them shaved down.  But the ultimate goal of veneers is to make your teeth look better and unfortunately in many cases, Lumineers can actually make your teeth look worse and fake looking.  Don't get me wrong though, I've done hundres of Lumineer case and countless other brands as well.  I have some Lumineer cases that I'm very proud of and some that I wish I had prepped the teeth slightly and would have had a much better esthetic result.  So the bottom line is have an experienced cosmetic dentist with experience in both Lumineers and other types of veneers look at your teeth closely and tell you what your best options are.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

Non prep porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry

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I totally concur with the responses from the other dentist.  A point to consider, every single cosmetic dentistry case is different.  Lumineers are not the answer for every case, and in fact are probably not a good solution in most cases.  If your teeth are inclined toward the tongue, or if you have small teeth then a non-prep porcelain veneer case may be indicated.  Other factors include the shade of the teeth.  

I personally prefer other types of non-prep veneers over Lumineers which do not look natural in most cases. The newer types of non-prep veneers allow for layering of shades and translucency to be integrated into the veneer.

If you are considering any type of veneers, ask the dentist you are seeing to show you close up photos of his or her work.  Ask what he or she recommends of you.  If you are not sure then a mock work up can be done in the mouth so you can see what it will look like before you commit.  Hope this information helps.

Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF

Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist

Lumineers Are The Way To Go! Maybe!

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From where a patient is coming from Lumineers are the way to go! It is the ideal way to achieve a beautiful smile, without pain, or shots and it is totally reversible. There is no reduction of the tooth. If you have small teeth and spaces between them, this would work for you. If you already have large teeth and crowding, your teeth will have a tendency to look bulky and too large for your mouth.

Veneers, on the other hand, require reduction of the tooth which is permanent, and the prep can require shots and be painful. You always have the option of using oral sedation. You will have less anxiety and consequently less pain.

Make sure you consult at least two cosmetic dentists who are familiar with both procedures and offer both lumineers, vivaneers and veneers in their practice!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Lumineers not the best veneers by far!

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The idea of doing no prep veneers (not removing enamel) is the only good thing about Lumineers and even that has limited applications. Even if you look at the professional brochures put out by the Lumineer manufacturers the untrained eye can see that they are bulkier than the natural teeth.

However, my biggest complaint is that the quality of the porcelain is poor. It doesn't have the life like quality of other feldspathic porcelains. Even if a patient insists on a no prep veneer I recommend using a better porcelain than a Lumineer.


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I would absolutely recommend porcelain veneers over Lumineers. Lumineers are just a brand of prepless veneers. While some veneer cases can be accomplished with minimal preparation they are rarely no-prep as advertised. I have personally redone at least 30 Lumineer cases that were done by a previous dentist. They looked bulky, they fractured easily and the gum tissue was inflamed because of improper emergence profile and a ledges at the gumline. Beautiful result are possible with veneers. They are a big investment, so my recommendation would be to do your research and do them right the first time! Best of luck and follow us for more information!

Very Few Teeth Qualify for Lumineers

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LUMINEERS is a trade name for very thin veneers.  In truth, very few patients qualify to have LUMINEERS or LUMINEER - like veneers placed.  Usually only beauty pageant contestants!!  They have almost perfect teeth to begin with, and want a bit more shine or a minor shape change. 
Lumineers are very poor for color changes. When I see dentist photos of patients with so-called LUMINEERS, who had a very dark shade change to a very light shade with veneers, it's just not true LUMINEERS.  Supposedly there is no reducing the teeth, so how do you get a lighter color with a thin veneer,  and not big clunky, over contoured teeth?   The only cases that might work for LUMINEERS are cases where the teeth are very small, with some spaces to begin with, and don't need a big color change.
That said, I have been doing veneers since they were invented. And they have gone through all sorts of changes.  We now prepare the tooth very little, just enough to get the final shape of the veneer to look natural, not be big and overcontoured and can change the color of the teeth as we wish.  I have done some ultra thin veneers, But never a full case.  Some teeth require a bit more shaping, and some less.  I've seen lectures from dentists that do a lot of LUMINEERS. And they are beautiful. And trust me, I'd do them in an instant if those patients walked into my office.  But I have regular people; most don't have the teeth to do LUMINEERS. And I'm not sure anyone would want to remove them, nor would I ever guarantee that the surface of the tooth would ever be the same as  pre-LUMINEER.
I have never had a patient dissatisfied because they didn't get LUMINEERS. They are perfectly content to have a little preparation, and get the look they truly wanted!

Paula S. Gould, DDS
Englewood Dentist

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