Why Cant I Use Lumigan Treating Glaucoma, Instead of Lattise?

im going to use lumigan drops for eye lash growth.....what neg. effects could happen?

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Same as for Latisse

Lumigan .03% eyedrops are the same formulation as Latisse, so effectively it is the same medicine. However they are prescribed for different purpose. Lumigan is an intraocular medication used in the from of drops for pressure lowering effects in people with glaucoma. Latisse is used by brushing it on the lash line. Lumigan is prescribed for glaucoma patients. Since it is the same medicine one can use Lumigan to brush it on the lids to reach the same effect. The side effect profile of Lumigan and Latisse is same. It is a safe medicine in general, however one should consult an ophthalmologist prior to using this medicine. Common side effects are  allergic reactions, redness,  darker pigmentation of eyelid skin.

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