A file was left in my canal by the gd and endo - after 3 root canals and not being told until 8 months later.

My Tooth THROBBED daily - assumed it from the 3 rc tooth absessed when I went back to try remove the file the ed drilled into my crown heard a Crack & the infection burnt My eyes there was a shock sent to my upper left chest had horrible pain in this area along with heart palpation and indergestion and can no longer hold out to do anything what nerve was hit to feel it in my chest and to cause these problems lost the tooth the Crack heard was the tooth it was cracked down the middle when the os removed it

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File left in tooth

Unfortunately files used during root canal treatment, on rare occasions, can separate inside the canals.  Sometimes they can be removed but most times if they break in the bottom third of the root they are impossible to remove and must be left in.  If the canal had been thoroughly cleaned prior to the file separating in the canal the tooth can sometimes be sealed and not have any symptoms.  If the file separated prior to disinfection of the canal there is bacteria left inside the canal which will not allow for the tooth to heal.  My office policy is to inform the patient of anything atypical that could happen and/or did occur.   If a file separates inside a canal, even if the root canal was done elsewhere, our office will always inform the patient of what occurred and provide guidance on the treatment options moving forward.  In this senario the risk of loosing the tooth is possible.  

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