Red patches on skin after laser hair removal? (Photos)

Hi there, I had laser hair removal done on my legs more than 24hrs ago and now I have these Red patches on my skin. I've been taking anti histamines and hoping it would go away, but it hasn't yet. I notice it to be worse after I get out of the shower. what can I do?? I've had laser hair removal before and have never had this reaction.

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Hi there, thank you for the pictures. It appears to be peri follicular edema, which is very common with laser hair removal. It should subside in about 4-14 days after your treatment. Antihistamines can help, although it should subside on its own. Heat can be irritating, so I recommend no hot showers, sauna, steam room, or heavy exercise until it resolves completely. You can ice intermittently if it becomes itchy or bothersome. 
I hope this helps you, be well!#laserhairremoval #edema #follicles

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