What do you do when your body reacts poorly to surgical clips used during a mastectomy? (photos)

I have one breast that healed well and one that did not heal and the sutures burst and an open wound was treated and managed for 7 months following matectomy and reconstruction.

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Unhappy with Reconstructive Results

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Its unlikely that surgical clip is the cause of the wound that you are having on the breast. Its difficult to see the extent of the skin loss from the picture but I would recommend that you discuss the issue with your doctor or seek a second opinion with another plastic surgeon to explore your options.

Sorry to hear of your story.

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It is not appropriate to provide you with specific medical advice in this forum. If you are unhappy with your current physician team, I would recommend that you seek out a second opinion (with all medical records) from a board certified or board eligible plastic surgeon experienced in breast reconstruction. Atlanta has many excellent and experienced breast surgeons. Best of luck to you.  

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