My one eye lid is lower than other. How can I correct it?

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Asymmetry of the eyelids

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If you are referring to upper eyelids, you may have ptosis. A consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon for a detailed eyelid and orbital examination would be best to determine your diagnosis and discuss options for repair. Best wishes.

Eyelid levels

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it would have been easier to comment on this if there were some pics. You have not mentioned if it is the upper eyelid or the lower. An examination would be necessary. Kindly meet a board certified plastic surgeon for an opinion.

How to correct one eyelid being lower than the other?

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An examination of you would be needed to determine what might be causing one of your eyelids to be lower than the other.  If it is the upper eyelid that is lower on one side, it is possible this could be ptosis, which normally can be repaired with surgery.  I would recommend seeing an oculoplastic surgeon or a facial plastic or plastic surgeon that is familiar with ptosis surgery.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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