What would your recommendations be for me? (Photo)

Wanting to stay more an athletic body than "voluptuous". I would also like to have something that ages well with me. I'm 5'10 140 and 35 years with small b saggy breasts. Always thought a nice full C would be nice but dont want anything to large since my hips are already 39 inches. With sizers, I thought 375 to the left side. Dr recommended 375 to 525 submuscular high profile silicone implants something that ages well.

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Recommendations for implants, lift

Your photo shows obvious asymmetry and sagging on the left breast . You are a candidate  for augmentation on the right and augmentation with periareolar  or lollipop lift on the left depending on your measurements and possibly intraoperative decision-making.  If you desire to still maintain your athletic figure I would definitely not recommend 525 mL implants as they  would be too big . 375 mL seems a reasonable number. However you may wind up with slightly different sizes. The best way in my experience is to use intraoperative sizers to determine the exact size for your chest and for that particular breast.  Your best option is to discuss this with your surgeon and if not satisfied get a second opinion with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast lift surgery 

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What would your recommendations be for me for breast implants?

Thank you for your question.  We have an excellent shape and should be able to achieve an excellent result with breast augmentation with a mastopexy of the lower left breast.  Size should be determined based on the base width of your breast and a 375 cc implant should give you a full C small D cup size.  I would not personally recommend a 525 cc implant as that is a huge implant and will look very large on you and not maintain the fit appearance that you say you want to have.  Please find an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  4 Moron breast implant sizing please read the link below:

Mastopexia w/lollipop scar and different sized implants

Thanks for your photo and based on it  you have asymmetric breast tissue. Your left breast  will need a mastopexia with lollipop scar. After implants should be you used for equation. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck...

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BA sizes

Hello dear, thanks for your post and provided information as well. 

The thing about size is...
Did You Know? Implant size (measured by cubic centimeters, or “cc”) only matters as far as it will help you get the look you want. In these photos, can you guess who has the larger sized implants?

What limits how big you should go?

1. Your current breast size. This matters because you’ve got to have enough existing breast tissue to cover the implant. If you haven’t got a lot to spare, some implants may just be too big to fit.
2. Your chest and shoulder width. Fortunately, implants come in different base widths so you can get a size that works well with your frame.

I recommend to make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon for a person evaluation and to talk about your goals. 

Good luck :)

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Breast augment recommendations

based on your photo suggests you will need a lift (and possibly reduction of your larger/droopier side) to allow use of similar sized implants rather than different sized ones.  And as for size, you should really view yourself with external sizers and choose the look you desire.  In my practice, whatever sizer is selected, I add 10% volume to the implant to produce that look.

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Breast sizing

Thanks for your inquiry and picture, but without exact measurements of your breast it is hard to advise.  I want to point out a few things,  First you have significant asymmetry and this needs to be addressed in the plan.  Next,  since you are lean, please choose an under the muscle position.  I have attached a link about breast implant sizing, good luck.

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What would your recommendations be for me?

I think that based on your photo even a 375 cc implant might make you more voluptuous than you seek.  I would be thinking in terms of implants in the 300-360 cc range to make you a mid to full C cup and still compliment your natural proportions.  I would definitely not be recommending a larger implant than that range seeing your frame and breast base width in the photo.  I would also recommend a Benelli mastopexy to  lessen your asymmetry and prevent both nipples from widening under the tension of your implants.   Enjoy your results.

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Don't go to big!

I would certainly stay away from Implants over 500 mL if you want to maintain a good long-term result. From the photos, it looks like you also need a lift on your left side. Breast implants in the upper 300s to low 400s should give you a nice result depending on dimensional measurements. Good luck. 

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Be on same page with doctor

I was thinking of range of 325 smaller side and 275 cc which is 2 cup sizes up for you. You need a lift on the bigger size and the slightly smaller implant. 525 a F cup plus so in my mind you an d your doctor are not seeing the same nice long lasting result. Good Luck!

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Breast implants

Thank you for your question. Breast implant selection is an important process and requires good communication between you and your surgeon. Typically, breast measurements are initially obtained to provide an initial guide to implants appropriate for your chest. It's then advised that you try different sizers in a normal bra with a tight t-shirt to get an idea of what your breasts would look like. It's important to focus on the look that you want and not overly focus on a specific cup size or implant size. Based on your photo, you may also need a little bit of a lift.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!

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