Can I have my tooth removed and a temporary replacement straight away before I have a proper false tooth?

Loose front tooth due to gum disease. 

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Loose tooth

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There are several types of temporaries you can have made to replace the missing tooth once it's extracted. You would need to see your Dentist for impression in order to have the appliance made in advance of the tooth being removed. The down side is there is some guess work involved and may require some follow up.

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You have options. Find out all and choose. Removable and fixed are available from flipper to Maryland bridge to plastic temporary bridge. 

Yes you can have a temporary placed right away

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There are many ways to replace the tooth temporarily.  It ultimately depends on how you intend to replace it in the final restoration.  You can have an acrylic "flipper" denture placed while the area heals, a temporary bridge, or a bonded temporary tooth that spans the space and is bonded to the adjacent teeth.  You would really have to discuss these options with your dentist to determine which option would be best in your situation.

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Martin Frankel, DDS
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