Lower Eye Lift and Fat Grafting

almost three weeks ago i got a lower eye lift and fat grafting of lower eyelids and i notice that the left eye is a lot smoother than the right eye. It looks a lot nicer and im not sure if this is because not enough skin was removed from right eye or not enough fat was placed. I like the outcome but cant help to notice the difference and so can other people. i do remember my left side of face looking a little fuller in the cheek area so not sure if that just makes my eyes look smoother.

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Lower Eyelid Lift and Fat Grafting

The final outcome from eyelid surgery with fat grafting can take several months.  Differences between the two sides can occur in the normal healing process and these often diminish over time.  Following your surgeons recommendations regarding post operative care and keeping your post operative appointments is the best way to achieve a good outcome.  Minor imperfections can be addressed with touch up procedures but the need for such procedure can usually not be determined until total healing has occurred which is around 6 months.

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