Will Lowering the Crease of my Breast & Repositioning the Nipple Help Create Cleavage and Do Away with my Cony Tuberous Breast?

I have tuberous asymmetric breasts and I'm in fear that simply lowering my crease and repositioning my nipples won't fix the tube shape. I have seen many before/after photos online that simply enlarge the already constricted cony shaped breast without giving cleavage, or making the breast round and full like a normal breast. What other methods could I talk to my PS about using. I mentioned fat grafting to the upper pole of my breasts to add fullness there, but what will do away with the cone?

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Breast Shape & Cleavage in Tuberous Breast Correction

The key to obtaining a naturally rounded lower pole is proper release combined with a dual plane augmentation. This allows the prostheses to create the lower pole volume without appearing cone shaped. The periareolar mastopexy flattens the herniated sub areolar tissue which further gives roundness to the breast mound. A larger prostheses will help with cleavage, but positioning is critical. Fat grafting is unnecessary. The key is making sure your surgeon has significant experience with tubular breasts so you can achieve your desired result.

Case linked below presents similarly to your own. Hope it helps and good luck going forward! - Dr. DeLuca

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Valid concerns about your breasts...

and whomever you see will have to consider many options for addressing them.  There is no real right and wrong way here, despite what some surgeons may state.  Make sure you surgeon is aware of your expectations and know his/her revision policy as you may need them.  To diminish the space between the mounds, wider implants.  To move your nipples more medially, a lift of some sort.  To provide symmetry, very challenging and likely not to occur with one operation.   Choose your surgeon wisely.

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Correction of a small tuberous breast

You have a very short distance from the nipple to your existing inframammary crease.  You may be a good candidate for an anatomic textured highly cohesive  gel, such as an Allergan Style 410,  implant placed under the muscle with radial scoring of the overlying breast tissue.  Your areolar area is also enlarged and this can be improved with an areolar reduction either at the time of the initial surgery or on a delayed basis.  

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Asymmetrical tuberous breasts can be corrected.


1)  You don't have a bad problem.  Only one of your breasts is severely tubular.  You should not have to make suggestions to your surgeon!

2)  On one side, the fold needs to be lowered and the lower breast tissue needs to be expanded.  The areolas need to be made smaller, one more than the other.  And you need round, smooth walled, silicone implants OVER the muscle, one larger than the other.  Don't need fat injections, based on pictures.

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Treatment of tuberous breasts

Treating tuberosity is complex and requires a multifaceted approach.  Generally, this would include lift and augment to reshape the breasts and make the nipples and creases more symmetrical.  You should seek several consultations; you will undoubtedly receive more than one answer to the problem.  Then, it will be a matter of deciding whether and how to proceed and your comfort level with the plastic surgeon.  This is certainly nothing to rush into.  There is a tremendous amount of information to assimilate.  Best wishes.

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Tubular breast surgery

Thank you for the question and the photos. It appears you will benefit from reshaping of your breasts to give you more cleavage as well as reducing the puckering of your nipples. An implant will help achieve those results. Lowering the fold will improve the shape of your breasts. 

Make sure you see a plastic surgeon who specializes in correction of the breasts. 

All the best...

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Tubular Breast Correction

To correct Tubular Breasts, you need a combination of implant, crease lowering, nipple repositioning and areolar reduction, and internal re-shaping of the breast tissue. When done by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, you can get excellent results. Ask to see before and after photos of breasts that look similar to yours. 

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Raise breast not lower crease

You are an excellent candidate for a new technique called The Mini Ultimate Breast Lift.  Using only a circumareola incision it is possible to reshape your breast tissue creating upper pole fullness, elevate them higher on the chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage.  This technique will correct your constricted cone shape, increase projection and give you a more natural look.  If more volume is required you could use implants or fat grafting. 


Best Wishes,


Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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