By Lowering One Eyebrow to Make Them Both Moderately Symmetrical, How Much Would That Cost? (photo)

In pictures is when it looks the worst. Frankly, I don't know what other people see. But when I look in the mirror I hate myself. I had surgery as a child to remove a precancerous mole/birthmark. Two surgeries later it has gone down a little but is still very uneven and looks hidious. I am geting married next year and I want great photos. besides that I just want to know what it feels like to be "normal". I have tried electrolysis and drawing them on. I am now twenty five. Oculoplastic surgeon?

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Brow Lowering Surgery (i.e. reverse browlift)

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In one photo, it appears that the left brow is higher - I assume that you flipped the photo. In the other pics, your right brow is significantly higher than the left. Did you try Botox or Dysport? Often, these asymmetries are due to uneven muscle pulls.

Brow-lowering procedure is often more involved than a browlift. Prices are similar (or slightly higher) than brow lift surgery.

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