Lowering Double Eyelid Without Skin Excision

Is lowering an Asian double eyelid possible without excision? pls read this http://www.iou4u.com/xe/11238 i hv emailed the dr regarding the risk, he said its very safe. but i hv heard that there are chances that some people may be lucky and get a great result or may not be so lucky. even if they get a good outcome, years later their eyes may have complications. i also heard triple fold wud be one of the risk. few ppl from forums lowered their fold from high to low fold with him. possible? risky?

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Its possible to lower fold without excision

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....But it depends on what your current crease looks like and how much fat and skin was removed the first time around. If the primary surgeon preserved enough elements of the eye but the crease simply migrated to a higher position, then repositioning is possible.

Alternatively, fat grafting will lower a crease in some cases without the need for formal incision.

I agree with the other surgeon who feels that the eyelid shown in the referenced website all have abnormal over-opening of the eyelid (retraction).

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The one complication that could be worrisome is eyelid retraction. This means that they eyelid in total may be pulled upward.

For example, on the first before and after photo showed on that website your refer to, the postop photo shows the eyelid to be significant higher than the preop photo. Now this may have been the surgeons intent, but the risk of that happening exists, and it could be bad enough that eyelid closure may become problematic. Now this may be something that can be addressed by a second surgery, so it may be a risk you are willing to take. You need to discuss this with your surgeon.

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