Will lowering dose increase skin healing on accutane?

I am currently taking 20mg/day of Roaccutane (been on for 3 months) and active acne has decreased greatly however any new marks I do get no matter how tiny, leave a mark that last a great deal longer. Also the red marks I had before have barely faded. I was wondering if lowering my dosage to 10mg/day would increase the speed of my skin healing or if the only option is to wait, the issue being that on such a low dose I am on it for a year.

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Will lower dosage increase skin healing for Accutane

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A lower dosage simply means you will be on the medication longer. So if you are taking 20mg now, and go to 10mg, you will need to be on it for twice as long to get the proper mg dosage into your system. Be patient and let the skin heal. It takes time. Post inflammatory hyperpigmenation is just that - post (after) inflammation (swelling) hyperpigmentation (discoloration). It resolves. With time!

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