Can I Have a Lowerbody Lift Under IV Sedation and NOT a General Anesthesia?

I'm meant to under go a body lift(tummy,buttock,thighs) in July. Initially,I went for a lower body lift I'mquite thin from the upperbody but the doc said that since we had to operate anyway we should target the optimum effect and include thetummy?The operation will last4hrs and be under GA.I am scared to death about GA and would like to find an alternative. The same doc did a lipo a couple of yrs ago under epidural& everything went extremly well.What would you recommend.Is IVsedation possible?

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Lower body lift

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Without examining you and the skin and amount of fat pinch? From the pictures posted I do not see an indication for that extensive surgery. I may change my mind after examination.

you still have areas that need liposuction for OPTIMAL RESULTS :-)

If the doctor need to position you on your stomach to complete the body lift, then you can not do it under sedation.

 Surgery Can be done with an epidural or general anesthesia. If you are scared of general anesthesia then discuss with your surgeon

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

General Anesthesia for Lower Body Lifting

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Thank you for your question and photos.

I would only perform this procedure under General Anesthesia. Talk to your surgeon and see what options you have.  Your safety is FIRST PRIORITY.  Make sure that a board certified Anesthesiologist is administering the anesthesia, make sure your surgery is safely performed (I perform my procedures in an outpatient surgery center on the campus of a hospital).  

Best Wishes!

Anesthesia For Lower Body Lift

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Lower body lifts are almost always performed under general anesthesia.  IV sedation is not appropriate at all for this procedure.  If you have a real fear of general anesthesia, it probably is possible to have a regional (spinal) anesthetic.  I would be concerned about an epidural because of all of the turning necessary with the body lift.  You would need to make certain your surgeon is agreeable.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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