What Can I Do For A Chin Reduction That Is Over Reduced? Filler or Fat Graft?

Lower Tooth Numberness 11 Months Post Op After Sliding Genioplasty and Chin Reduction. The chin surgery was the worse decision I have ever made in my life, the chin is over reduced so it is too small now and it looks completely disconnected to the rest of my face and my lower tooth still feels numb What can be done to re-augmentate my chin permanently without the use of silicone( i dislike the unnatural outcome)? Will artificial bone be an option? Why is there a constant numb sensation on my lower teeth( but not on the lips)? and what could be done to solve the numbness? Is it a better idea to do fillers (voluma) or fat grafting in this case before I could find a permanent solution to replace the bone? Does any doctor who does reconstructive surgery can give me some ideas about the permanent solution too? (no silicon)

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Correction of Overdone Chin Reduction

If a sliding genioplasty technique was used for the reduction, it could also be used for restoration of bone height and prior position. The gap that is created can be either left alone or filled in with demineralized bone or hydroxyapatite material. The tooth numbness is likely a function of the level of the osteotomy and its relationship to the tooth roots. At one year after surgery I would not expect that to improve.

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Options for Chin Reduction

Thank you for your question. Non invasive permanent solutions are few to none.  Off label use of fillers is an option.  Use of different fillers can enhance the appearance of more chin projection, but will not help the numbness.  This will have to heal in due time provided the nerve is still viable.  Fat grafting may be the safest close to permanent option. I hope this helps.

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