Why is lower lip severely deformed after chin implant placement and subsequent removal?

Chin implant placed 7 months ago.Too large, too high. Removed after 4 months due to excruciating nerve pain,lip paralysis, almost complete lower lip inversion. Also redundant lower lip mucosa that is higher and extremely visible (obvious immediately post-op). Appear to have what is known as a double lip that did not revert to normal after removal. PS & 4 specialists clueless. What went wrong? Can it be fixed? Is it nerve or muscle damage? Please help me. Severely depressed, still in pain.

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Chin implant problems

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This is a difficult and atypical senario. It is absolutely impossible to diagnose the problem without excellent pictures, and a physical exam to evaluate the motor and sensory nerve function of the area. You need to be seen by a highly qualified surgeon with extensive face surgery experience. Any other option is foolish including looking for an answer in Realself

Lip issues after chin implant

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Difficult to know what happened withour photos or physical exam. Probably secondary to scarring and nerve injury. See a specialist with experience in chin surgery. Hopefully things will continue to improve over time. Donald R. Nunn MD Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.


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I am sorry for your problem but without photos or an examination it is impossible to say what is going on or make recommendations.  I would keep looking for specialists in your area that can help you or place some good photos for evaluation. 

Dr Corbin

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