Lower Lip Hangs Lower After Chin Implant Revision, Is this Normal?

I had a 10mm silicon chin implant put in and 6 weeks later replaced it with a 5.5mm medpor due to shifting. Immediately after, I noticed my lower lip, at rest, hangs halfway past my bottom teeth. In the past 4.5 months since 2nd implant, seems like it may have improved a bit. Now, I'm hoping for removal as I just can't get used to the new look. I am concerned. After complete removal, will my lower lip hang down even more?

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Lower Lip Sag After Multiple Chin Implants

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By the description of your surgeries, I m going to assume that your chin implant may have been placed from inside the mouth. This can cause disruption of the bony attachment of the mentalis muscle, which if not resuspended, can cause chin ptosis and a lower lip sag. This can particularly occur when a larger chin implant is replaced by a smaller one. This can also occur from an under the chin incision but is much less likely. Whether you have your existing chin implant removed or not, the lower lip sag will not improve without resuspension surgery. The ideal time to do that, of course, is if you decide to remove your chin implant.

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