Lower Lip Deformity from Mucocele Removal. What Filler Can I Use? (photo)

Hello I have had a mucocele removal from my lower lip and it was done very badly 3 months ago,as a result I have a large gap/depression on the inside of my lip and wanted to ask you what are the possible ways to correct this? Will filler on my lip result in a forming a bump along the line of excision?it is very deep and the tissue under feels a bit hard. I wanted to correct my lips before this and am now wondering what are the risk?Would you recommend me a filler (permament or temporary) ?

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You do not need a filler. Any good board certified plastic surgeon should be able to repair this with your own tissues.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Lip deformity from mucocele removal

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I recommend that you see a plastic surgeon to discuss the options and your preferences. The gap/depression can be addressed with filler, but equally you may achieve great permanent results from revision surgery.

You say that you wanted to correct your lips before this, but don't specify what type of correction you have been considering. If you are interested in lip augmentation or other types of lip corrections these can be done at the same time that the depression in your lower lip is treated. It is important that before you undergo any lip surgery or injections that you and your doctor are clear on your aesthetic goals and the expected results of treatment, so that you receive the right treatment for you.

Jill Tomlinson, MBBS, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

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