Lower Lip Appears to Have Reverted to Gum Tissue After Chin Implant. Have I Ruined my Face?

I had a chin implant 11 wks ago via an intra-oral incision. My left lower lip was completely paralyzed. I can now lower my lip a little over halfway down my lower teeth. My lip is thinner on the outside & thicker on the inside. It is as if the inside of my lip has turned into gum tissue. I am constantly biting it while talking and eating.When I lower my lip, the outside comes down, but most of the inside just stays at the top of my teeth. Can it be fixed? What are my chances of a full recovery?

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Post chin implant

The numbness and movement should improve over time.  If the lip is shortened, this could be corrected after all healing is complete.  Discuss with your surgeon your concerns.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Chin implant oral route

sorry to hear about your difficulty. For a trans-oral or intraoral route the healing time is longer. 11 weeks, though not a short time, is still a bit on the early side for you. Most likely you've got some muscle injury related to the surgery. This can be fixed but you need to give it more time before any other surgical intervention. It's too early to say whether or not you'll have a full recovery. If you don't have numbness of the lower lip than I think the odds of your recovery in the future being good are also good. Your lower lip may never look or act exactly the same as it did before but will probably return to essentially normal function. This could take up to six months if not longer.

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