Can Lower Lid Orbital Fat Be Improved with Either Radio Frequency or Ultrasound? (photo)

I am 41 and have always had a pouch directly under my lower lids when I smile. The last two years I have noticed that it is getting larger and that I also have some excess skin there too. I do not want surgery. Can either RF or Ultrasound lessen the orbital fat bags? If RF would work, is monopolar, bipolar, or tripolar best?

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Lower lid orbital fat treatment options

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Radio frequency and ultrasound does not remove fat. These procedures tighten the skin and that can make the fat appear less obvious. One always has to be careful when doing any of these treatments under the eye area as most of these of these treatments are not specifically formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes. It is important to see an oculofacial plastic surgeon who offers these treatments as they have the most expertise in the eye area.  The type of treatment you need really depends on the tone and texture of the lid.  In some cases, Fraxel or other lasers can help.

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Can Lower Lid Orbital Fat Be Improved with Either Radio Frequency or Ultrasound?

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Perhaps but both would be considered an inferior method of removing lower eyelid fat bags when compared to a lower eyelid surgery.  Why not do the best procedure to remove the fat?

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Your issue is not lower eyelid fat.

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What you are showing in the photograph is a muscle roll just below the lower eyelid.  When you smile the cheek gets pushed up to heap at the junction of the lower eyelid and midface.  You also have crows feet lines.  Neither RF or ultrasound will address your issues.  It would be best to have an in person examination.  I suspect that you could have a great deal of help with BOTOX and Restylane filler.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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