Lower Lid Ectropion Repair (With TarSys Spacers) Along with Mid-face Lift to Support Lower Lid?

I am 9 days post-op and am alarmed with my appearance. Lids do not sit against the eye. Have hematomas under both eyes and area, particularly under left eye, is very hard and rough. Called my Dr. and he said thinks it may just be the derma bond he used. I don't see my doctor for another day or so. Has anyone experienced this after this type of surgery? Do I have skin necrosis? How long before hematomas dissolve on their own or will I have to have them drained? Scared!

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Lower Lid Ectropion Repair (With TarSys Spacers) Along with Mid-face Lift to Support Lower Lid?

It is difficult to comment without at least seeing photos.  Hematomas can happen after any surgery.  Why did you need this surgery?  Was it from failed previous surgery?  This would make your surgery even more difficult and could explain the increased bruising.  Please post photos.

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It would be helpful to have photographs.

Generally these situations are complex.  Bleeding after these types of surgeries can undo the best work by a surgeon.  Unfortunately hematomas do complicate the healing process.  Generally these are not drained but are left and they do resolve over time.  It can be quite a while before you will know if a revisional surgery will be necessary.  Skin necrosis does occur in these circumstances and can also complicate healing.  Generally this is an issue if an extensive subcutaneous dissection was performed which should not have been needed for the issue you are describing.  I think you warrant an assessment by your surgeon and it sounds like you are see them which is appropriate.

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