Lower Left Wisdom Tooth Removed Because of Inflammation and Absess Should I Remove Other 3 or Not Because Other Are Just Fine??

and if i dont remove them will my face structure effected or not?? and i think dental procedures are not good for heart.. true or myth??

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Removal of wisdom tooth and are dental procedures bad for the heart?

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 Hi Mohsin Khan...you needed the extraction on the wisdom tooth because of an infection.  The other wisdom teeth will not change your facial structure whether you leave them in or have them removed.  Dental procedures are not bad for your heart! If you have an infection in your mouth, this infection is blood borne and could affect your heart if not treated orally! A person with a heart condition or joint replacement, might want to have premedication before any major dental procedure is performed on them. You have nothing to worry about with the extraction of on of your wisdom teeth. Your facial structure will not change!

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Dental procedures bad for heart?

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Hello Mohsin,

The wisdom teeth only need to be removed if theres any displacement of the teeth, or you have it impacted to avoid the appareance of cyst, or if you have pain on them.

About if dental procedures are not good, i can tell that theres some releasing of some specific bacterias while an oral surgery its done, thats why there is a protocol to those people that have some special conditions or haves already any patologic heart disease that consist on antiobiotic therapy before and after the surgery but people without any special condition there is not any special risk about that.

Not having a dental cleaning could release bacteria as well, usually endocarditis bacteria disease its produced by streptococcus mutans the same bacteria that produces the cavities, the human body cant make any difference between bacteria cells or endocardio cells because  morphologically looks the same, so an autoinmune attack its started from the body attacking as well the bacteria and heart cells.

specifically, dental procedures are not bad for heart, not having dental care could be fatal for health.



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Dental procedures....

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maybe just take the above one just to make it even.i personally think that as prevention wisdoms teeth if they are useless it's better to removed them so you can prevent decay or  periodontal problem to the adiance one and keep the posterior region of your teeth much cleaner.they dont effetc any structural face transformation.dental procedure especially a good oral hygiene are very important for the heart...a big risch factor of endocartis is the lack of oral hygiene.


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